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Insert Faces in Pictures. Any Face in Any Body.
Replace Faces. Swap a Face. Change a Face. Try it for Free!
And also try our other Face Changer program FotoFaceSwap

How does it work?

It's really easy: Download the program to your computer and start inserting faces in photos.

Import any picture you want to use as a background, capture a face from another picture, and insert that face into the background picture.

Search and download photos from the Internet or import them from your own files. To get you started, we have gathered some easy-to-use pictures. Get them here.

Use the controls to move, resize, rotate and adjust the face. Then, save the pictures, print them, or post them anywhere.

Try it risk-free. You will love it!


"Excellent program. Easy to use. Fast results."
John I., Oakdale, CA

"I purchased it for my 9 year old, but I kept it for me. It's a very funny application."
Caytlin R., Wichita, KA

"It's like Photoshop made easy."
Karen Ann H., Gainesville, FL

"The options never run up. The Internet is an unlimited souce of templates."
Albert C., Brighton, UK

"It really is the easiest way to insert any face in any photo."
Elizabeth L., Sydney, Australia

"For serious face editing, or for simple fun!"
JD M., Louisville, KY


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